Monday, August 22, 2011

Toh Soon Cafe ~ Guan Eng Coffee

 Toh Soon Cafe is also known as Guan Eng Coffee according to some of our gang members as there is a photo of Guan Eng having his roti bakar here. It is also here that we will have many more stories about one of our friends, with the Ms Song. Stay tune and I think we will need to go back to this place to take some photos of Ms Song so everyone knows who we are talking about. But for regulars to Guan Eng Coffee, I'm sure most would have experience some not so good service, but let me give you a tip! If you want good service with a smile, and maybe even a song, you MUST bring Mr W along!!! Guaranteed good service which your eyes will fall off.

Friday, August 19, 2011

At Corner Cafe 17 June 2011

So this time we headed out to Corner Cafe which is near Nagore Road. Supposedly a damn good Hokkien Mee but they sold out on that day. So went for the Koay Teow Thng and also the fried popiah with laksa soup. Pretty good I have to say but the popiah stall only opens pretty late.
I guess our friend W had a good time ogling and commenting on the many eye candies around here

Desserts at Giant Bayan Baru

So after our lunch, I guess our mouth needed some dessert and we headed to Giant Bayan Lepas for some Chendol and Thong Sui. Actually not too bad la. Cannot compare to Penang Rd there but its good enough la.

The start of this crazy blog

So as requested by my colleagues, will keep a track of our Friday or any other days lunch outings which we have. To start of with, this is one where we had lunch at Good Friends Restaurant. That time Png and Woo Heong is still with us in the company. Good times that was.